Lies and statistics colour the blue hare debate

by Ian Coghill It is odd what triggers a train of thought. The origins of this are some of the language chosen for the BBC piece covering a survey of mountain hares in the Peak District, funded by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES). According to the BBC article, there are, ‘Only 3,500 mountain […]

How to shoot off sticks In the fifth of our series of expert rifleshooting tips, Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol enlists the help of a customer to explain how the Blaser quad sticks can give you a versatile and steady support for longer shots when on foot. We filmed this at the Braces of Bristol range. Braces offers […]

How a Kyiv gunshop is helping to fight the Russians

by Deborah Hadfield Hunters and shooters are still fighting for their lives in Ukraine. Taras Oliynyk works for local gunshop IBIS Hunting and Guns in Kyiv. He says their skills are making all the difference. The 47-year-old says they’ve helped keep the Russians have been kept out of the capital. He says: “Now the Russians […]

Gamekeeper’s Diary: 15 years on Garrod is a gamekeeping legend. The estate where he works in the East of England is famous thanks to his Keepers Diary DVD series, which he made in the early 2000s. Now he looks back on those DVDs and explains how gamekeeping has moved on, and how gamekeepers are the best people to manage […]

Hunt sabs in the dock – Fieldsports News, 20 April 2022 Here are the links: Sabs face trial over Boxing Day hunt clash – BBC Peak District gamekeepers reject blue hare study – Fieldsports News Welsh anglers convicted after two decades of illegal fishing – Tivyside Advertiser Foxhunting supporter confronts Northern Irish politician – Facebook Cairngorms’ anti-wildlife plan protest – Facebook Hunting stands smashed – […]

Anti fury over animal sentience bill

Boris Johnson’s animal rights allies are spitting fur and feathers. The animal welfare (sentience) bill will receive royal assent and become law, but it does nothing for animals, they say. Johnson’s government has fanfared the rights that the bill will give lobsters and octopuses among other wildlife. Even the House of Commons Library website acidly […]


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