Northern Ireland hunting ban: battlelines drawn

by Deborah Hadfield For a people who have seen more than their share of fighting, the anti-hunting lobby is drawing up new battle lines. In 2021, the Northern Ireland Assembly rejected John Blair’s private member’s bill which sought to ban hunting wild animals with dogs. The Stormont Assembly has been unable to sit since the […]

Helen Tinner has to take a quick shot on a muntie Helen Tinner is in North Norfolk to improve her deerstalking and, if she can, take an animal for the freezer. Gareth Maund of the Le Strange shoot at Hunstanton has asked her along. He teaches her about different shooting positions, and then a muntie takes her by surprise. It’s her first solo stalk – […]

Fieldsports Britain – muntjac surprise A muntjac takes Helen Tinner by surprise. She is out stalking deer on the Le Strange Shoot in North Norfolk with her new Browning X-bolt. Meanwhile, Charlie joins a group of unusual dog owners at Edale in the Peak District for a walked-up grouse day, especially designed for German wirehaired pointers and even a […]

Air rifle range opens Rifleman Firearms in Somerset, UK, has opened a sparkly new airgun range. Here is how they do it. The building, which opened in February 2019, has five firing lanes and includes 500 metres of rail for the targets to run on. WARNING: This item includes a sweet little girl saying how much she likes […]


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