Countryside mourns Queen – Fieldsports News, 14 September 2022

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  • Balmoral gamekeepers carry Queen’s coffin – Fieldsports News
  • Anglers consider legal action over pollution – Glos Live
  • Anti-hunting Goldsmith family hangs on in government – DEFRA
  • English farmers allowed to kill beavers – DEFRA
  • Shooter Amber Hill wins gold in Cyprus – British Shooting
  • Eat Game Awards calling for entries – Eat Game
  • Spotlight on Welsh angling tourism – BBC
  • Bird flu closes zoo – Paignton Zoo
  • European pro hunting petition hits 100,000 –
  • Owls and kestrels to control vermin – Times of Israel
  • Dutch city bans meat adverts – BBC
  • Lionfish tournament attracts $100,000 of prizes – New Yorker


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