Thermal spotters: essential kit for today’s hunter

A thermal spotter has become an essential part of the hunter’s kit, says Warren Broad of ATN Europe. “Whether you’re deerstalking, foxshooting, or just ratting around the farmyard, a pocket-sized thermal monocular is awesome to scan the area, day or night.” He also finds it useful when he has shot an animal, and is looking […]

Tim hunts big boar in Argentina Tim Pilbeam is shooting wild boar with thermal – but not in Europe, North America or Australia. He is in Argentina, where boar are thriving in the low scrub on the edge of the pampas. Like boar shooters the world over, it’s a case of sitting out and waiting for these animals, which use […]

Fieldsports Britain – waiting out for wild boar

With wild boar the world’s number-one big-game pest, Tim Pilbeam learns how to sit out and wait for them with a thermal spotter and a rifle. He could be in many countries in the world – everyone is dealing with wild boar over-populations these days. On this occasion, he is in Argentina, where the wild […]


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