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There was a time when airgun channels had the highest views of all the shooting sports channels on  YouTube. Some of the gloss has come off that in recent years but the accessibility of airguns makes this a sport for a wide public.

Little movement in the top five airgun channels during 2019: Matt Dubber’s AirArmsHuntingSA from South Africa remains number one, Ted Biers’ Ted’s HoldOver from the US is in number two and Giles Barrie’s AirgunGearShow from the UK is still number three, all of them featuring FX Airguns at one time or another. Steve Scialli’s Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel has taken the number four slot from Rick Eutsler’s Expert Airgun Reviews / AirgunWeb

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YouTube issued strikes against a number of airgun channels in February 2018. Here is more on that story:

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