Hunting channels Down Under – YouTube rankings

A paradise for sportsmen and women awaits down under – and local YouTubers have been good at taking advanatage of it. From South Island’s mountain hunting for chaois and tahr to the buffalo of Northern Queensland, these are the hunting YouTube channels to watch, ranked in order. Hogs Dogs Quads is putting on weight. Its […]

Pheasant shooting with a world champion

  World champion Amy Easeman is pheasant shooting. We join her for a day on her dad’s shooting Buckinghamshire. Find out how she gets on – and what the other guns think of shooting with a top shot. ▶ Click here for more about Amy’s Browning B725 Sporter Black Edition shotgun ▶ Click here for […]

Boxing Day hunt bashing – Fieldsports News, 01 January 2020

  Here are the links: Boxing Day hunt bashing – Metro newspaper Lottie Lion backs hunting – Sun newspaper East Essex Foxhounds Boxing Day meet – Facebook Packham lines his pockets – website Lawyer kills fox with baseball bat – Metro newspaper RSPCA pulls four deer from river – Facebook  Wolves scare shooter – […]

Fieldsports Britain – Andy Crow’s Gun Giveaway

  We are giving away Andy Crow’s Blaser F16 shotgun to one lucky winner. Find out who it is in this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain. Plus we are out pheasant shooting with world champion Amy Easeman. Find out what makes her tick, what makes her a great shot, and join her on an evening’s deerstalking, […]

European hunting channels YouTube ranking

Europe’s hunting channels were quicker than the Americans to see the potential in YouTube. Perhaps that is because Europe has always found it hard to sustain specialist interest hunting channels on cable and satellite TV. Now there is a distribution platform that provides the audience of TV for a specialist magazine advertising market. The problem […]

Bowhunting business YouTube channel ranking

No change in the ranking for bowhunting businesses. Hoyt and Bear have lost some ground on the Socialblade ranking overall, but stay in first and third place. Mathews has gained ground and stays in second. Muzzy Broadheads has slipped two places up from bottom of the table past Martin and Rexpid. Back to Gun & […]

Hunting apparel business YouTube channel ranking

Realtree remains in top position – but for how much longer? US company KUIU more than doubled its views in 2019. Meanwhile, UK clothing company Barbour is making a fast ascent, from sixth place last year to second this year, despite its low subscriber count. Barbour has been investing in films promoting its collections, including […]

Ammunition manufacturer YouTube channel ranking

Ammunition manufacturers ranking remains mainly unchanged. Hornady is more than double the size of its nearest competitor on YouTube, so hard to catch. Nosler has now overtaken RWS to reach third place, putting US companies in the top three positions. The list hides the investment that several companies have made in other, consumer channels, such […]

Airgun manufacturer/distributor YouTube channel ranking

The retailers dominate the airgun company YouTube channel list. Replica Airguns continues its dominance of the airgun manufacturing/distribution sector. The hybrid editorial/shop channel is a long way ahead of the competition. In second, third and fourth places, Airguns of Arizona, Pyramydair and Airgun Depot continue to vie for places, with the latter moving up a […]

North American hunting channels YouTube ranking

This is the list of top North American hunting channels on YouTube. European hunting channels’ domination of YouTube is over. The Americans are late to the party but are capturing swathes of audience on YouTube. You want to be a popular hunter in the US? Start by being a young, cute boy. Cute girls need […]

Shooting/gun accessories companies YouTube channel ranking

FoxPro takes the top slot, moving up the Socialblade rank from third place, where it is replaced by previous winner Primos Hunting. Televisually, bird and animal calling companies have an advantage over other accessories companies, because their products lend themselves to popular films on YouTube. Foxpro has almost doubled its subscriber count on YouTube in […]

Hunting/shooting retailer YouTube channel ranking

These is the list of top shooting and gun accessories manufacturers channels on YouTube. Brownells from the US keeps its number one position for the second year running. It takes its TV seriously – as does the Gun Shop, Botley, from the UK, which is moving into second place. The major climber is Cabela’s, recently […]

Optics company YouTube channel ranking

These is the list of top shooting and gun accessories manufacturers channels on YouTube. There was little change in the rankings of the optics companies on YouTube in 2019. Ultimate Night Vision dominates the scene, with ATN and Aimpoint in second and third. ATN has almost doubled its YouTube subscriber count in a year. Aimpoint […]

YouTube gun channel ranking

This is the list of top gun channels on YouTube. If you take YouTube to be a marker for general cultural popularity, gun channels are holding their own. Guns as TV entertainment saw a huge surge from 2018 to 2019, almost doubling in viewing popularity against other non-gun channels on YouTube. The index slipped back […]

Knifemaker YouTube channel ranking

These is the list of top knifemaker channels on YouTube. From knife-sharpening how-to videos to films about using knives in the field, they are vying with each other to be the top YouTube channel out there. YouTube’s knifemakers are holding their own. The major change in 2020 is Victorinox’s disappearance from the top three. Cold […]

Airgun YouTube channel ranking

There was a time when airgun channels had the highest views of all the shooting sports channels on  YouTube. Some of the gloss has come off that in recent years but the accessibility of airguns makes this a sport for a wide public. Little movement in the top five airgun channels during 2019: Matt Dubber’s […]

Firearms manufacturers/distributors YouTube channel ranking

Here are the firearms companies’ rankings on YouTube. 2019 was a good year for European gun manufacturers on YouTube – thanks to a little help from across their US subsidiaries and partner companies. Sig Sauer, which won the lucrative US military handgun contract, is now reaping the benefits of its marketing spend, taking the top […]

Survivalist/Prepper/Bushcraft YouTube channel ranking

Bushcrafters, survivalists and preppers are marginally attached to the hunting/shooting industry. They are included here because they tend to have much larger audiences than pure hunting channels, putting them not far behind the gun channels for sheer weight of viewership. They offer a ‘lifestyle’ version of the hunting story, embedded in the countryside. Wranglerstar has […]


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