Shooting Thieving Magpies – AirHeads, episode 6

Airguns have so many uses. James Marchington is after egg-poaching magpies in his back garden with a Crosman. Airgun World and Airgunner magazines technical editor Phill Price is sharing his love of laser rangefinding on rats. Prince of Darkness Darren Rogers is playing with top ferreter Simon Whitehead’s pimped night vision vehicle. Lord Ted of Holdover is talking about the best wine to serve with squirrel. Peter Zamit looks at some of the best air pistols on the market. Tony Belas of Daystate is talking us through pellets from .177 to .30 calibre. There is Hot Air with all the latest pellet gun news, and AirStreaming showcases the best airgun films from YouTube this week. This whole mixture is bound together by the inimitable Roy Lupton.

Hot Air (AirHeads news service) is sponsored by the Airgun Centre

Here are the links for AirStreaming:
Replica Airguns
Squirrel Hunter
GunsHouse TV
KPS Hunters

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