Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy

Terry Doe is the acknowledged master of airgun shooting, and in this new series he is passing on the skills, tips and techniques developed over

Airheads – Night Hare Hunt

Airheads – Night Hare Hunt

It’s our airgun show AirHeads: Richard Leonard puts the Nitesite kit through its paces after hares in South Africa, bumping into other African wildlife along

AirHeads – Jamie on Squirrels

Jamie Chandler has a mission – not just to reduce squirrel numbers but to convert his friend Tom from dyed-in-the-wool shotgun user to proper airgunner.

AirHeads – Shotgun Airgun

Shotgun, crossbow, rifle: the new three-in-one airgun. Designed by Terry Tate in the USA, it fires shotshells, airgun pellets and crossbow bolts. That’s not the

Scottish Rabbit Hunt – AirHeads, episode 43

AirHeads – Scottish Rabbit Hunt

The shooter with no hands, Jamie Chandler, is in Scotland after rabbits and AirHeads new boy Mark Lewis is in Gloucestershire looking for rats. There’s

Hi-Def Rabbit Hunt  – AirHeads, episode 42

AirHeads – Hi-Def Rabbit Hunt

It’s a week for crystal clear optics and HD through-the-scope shots. Roy wants to work out the drop off at different hunting ranges for his

Agri-Airguns – AirHeads, episode 41

AirHeads – Agri-Airguns

Our airgunning show goes agricultural this week. Jamie Chandler – the shooter with no hands – shows how he approaches a farm, both decoying in

Airgun Rabbit Hunt – AirHeads, episode 40

AirHeads – Airgun Rabbit Hunt

Our stars are after rabbits in this episode of AirHeads: Darren Rogers is out with Simon Whitehead. HotAir News has rabbits, and there are loads

Airgun Rook Hunt – AirHeads, episode 37

AirHeads – Airgun Rook Hunt

It’s a busy week for our airgun crew. Pellet Power & Performance is back with Roy Lupton using big-bore airguns. Roger Lait is looking at

Airgun Man vs Rabbit – AirHeads, episode 36

AirHeads – Airgun Man vs Rabbit

We have rabbit hunting, new airgun launches, top tips for airgun competition and the best pellet gun material on YouTube in AirHeads this week. Cai

Jamie Gets Competitive – AirHeads episode 35

AirHeads – Jamie Gets Competitive

It’s the first ever HFT Masters competition and our airgunning star Jamie Chandler is getting competitive. Held at Lea Valley in Hertfordshire in May 2015,

Pellet Punch-Up – AirHeads for Airguns, episode 33

AirHeads – Pellet Punch-Up

Anything you want to know about air rifles, AirHeads is a packed show this week. Roy and Darren are out after rats with night vision

The FAC Episode – AirHeads, episode 31

AirHeads – The FAC Episode

Airguns should be more than 12 ft/lb. That’s the conclusion of Episode 31 of AirHeads. Roger Lait makes the case for the ‘FAC’ airgun. Phill

Smile! You’re on AirHeads! Episode 29

Smile! You’re on AirHeads!

Squirrels and Eagles on this episode of our airgun show AirHeads. James Marchington is hunting down squirrels in a wood with the help of a

Roy on Rats – AirHeads, episode 28

AirHeads – Roy on Rats

A packed AirHeads this week – six items in our airgun magazine show. Roy Lupton is shooting rats with night vision; James Marchington and Charlie

Airheads – Night Rat Hunt

Airheads – Night Rat Hunt

There are squirrels, there are rats and there is airgun hunting. That’s the measure of AirHeads tonight. James Marchington has pesky grey squirrels in his

Decoying Parakeets – AirHeads, episode 24

AirHeads – Decoying Parakeets

The flocks of ring-necked parakeets that ravage the fruit farms and vineyards of the South-East if England are at last under threat. They went on


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