AirHeads – Pellet wind tunnel test, NV bunnies and rogue squirrels

What shape of airgun pellets copes best in the wind? What’s the best night vision for rabbits and how do you deal with a rogue squirrel in your garden? The first in the series of the new twice-monthly show AirHeads is here to answer these questions for you.

Some pellets look like tear drops, others look like bricks, but what influence does the wind have at range? Roy Lupton gets together with Darren Rogers to build a budget wind tunnel (and we mean budget) to help us find out.

We have our new series Night Air where we test night vision and thermal kit in the field. There’s Air Craft, with James Marchington, who is having a bit of trouble with a grey squirrel. And in Air Tech we look at the basic and the not-so-basic new airgun technology with Airgunner and Airgun World’s technical editor Phill Price.

It’s a pellet packed show, so sit back relax and holdover.

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