AirHeads – The FX Boss is Back

We’ve done things slightly differently in this episode – AirHeads is now a playlist. Watch the whole show on YouTube

AirHeads this week has incredible slow-mo garden pest control with James Marchington, it has Darren Rogers out after rats (and foxes) with an FX Boss, Lord Ted of EdgunUSA does his stuff, Steve Taylor shows how to produce a ‘sight picture’, Tony Belas shows off a new moderator, Phill Price has bought a scope for under a ton, David asks if Star Wars will be raiding the world of airguns for its new blasters, and Airstreaming has lots of NiteSite outings.

Apologies if you don’t like the change in the way we do things this week. We got tired of uploading everything twice. That link to watch the whole show (almost) like before

Here are the links to the items:

James Marchington and pest control

HotAir with Star Wars blasters

Ted d’Holdover and pest calibres

Steve Taylor and sight picture

Tony Belas and the Huggett moderator

Phill Price and the Hawke scope

Darren Rogers and the FX Boss

Airstreaming and the best of YouTube


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