AirHeads – Funny Bunny Shooting

We are shooting funny-coloured bunnies in this week’s show. James Marchington is on the Isle of Skye, where – appropriate for Scotland – the rabbits are redheads. That’s not all. Roger Lait tries out his HFT skills on a pest control outing, Abbey Burton says which is best, springer or PCP. Terry Doe advises HRH on his favourite game-meat. Airstreaming features crows and pigeons and HotAir leads on the British junior who has broken an airgun record. It’s all in your packed AirHeads programme, out 7pm, Thursdays, twice a month.

Here are the links to the individual items:

Redheaded rabbits

Hunting HFT Style

Champion’s Choice – PCP or Springer?

Ask Tel

Hot Air

Here are the links for AirStreaming:
East Coast Airgunner
Squirrel Hunter
Replica Airguns

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