AirHeads – George Digweed shoots airguns

This week’s AirHeads is packed with airgun action:
✩ Champion clayshooter George Digweed picks up an airgun and tries to shoot a clay pigeon with it.
✩ James Marchington shoots rabbits with a sub-12-ft/lb PCP out to 82 yards.
✩ HotAir rounds up the new airgun launches from Air Arms, Daystate and BSA.
✩ Airstreaming leads on reviews of Crosman, R-Arms and Sumatra.
✩ And Terry Doe reveals how may squirrels a year he actually eats.

Here are the individual items:

▶ Digweed: clays with an airgun

▶ HotAir

▶ Long-range rabbits

▶ Ask Terry

▶ AirStreaming

And here are the links for AirStreaming:

Ted’s HoldOver
Fenland Airgunner

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