AirHeads – Airgun hunting with THERMAL

It’s the new night vision. It’s thermal – and it’s 2014’s hot new aid for hunting/shooting with air rifles. Our own Prince of Darkness Darren Rogers is ratting and rabbiting with his FX Cyclone with Hawke scope and high-tech attachments that mean he can see through the night. That’s not all. EdgunUSA – Ted of Ted’s Holdover – moves on from his ‘meat banana’ last week – we ask him if he would use a high-powered airgun on big game. Airgun World and Airgunner technical editor Phill Price is out after corvids with a Walther LGV. Captain Back Garden James Marchington has got trajectile disfunction – he is sorting out his trajectory with his BSA Meteor. Red squirrel ranger Jerry Moss is showing where to park your nuts in order to entice squirrels to a shootable position. We have Hot Air, Airstreaming – it’s another packed programme!

Here are the links from Airstreaming:
Ted’s Holdover
Victor Skrabe
Rob Collins
Team Wild TV

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