Antis’ mass grouse shoot trespass underway

Mass trespass of grouse shoots is underway, as antis in black balaclavas take to the moors to try to stop shooters enjoy the Glorious 12th.

The antis’ ‘hen harrier day’ in Derbyshire on 11 August 2019 was the rallying point – on 12 August, they are trying to close down shoots taking place across the north of England.

In this picture, more than 100 masked saboteurs have located a shoot at Upper Snailsden Moss in the Northern Peaks and are closing in to try to shut it down.
Antis on Emmott Moor in Derbyshire on the same day

In speeches at the hen harrier day, antis including Dominic Dyer called on his supporters to become ‘an army’ to stop grouseshooting. Dyer recalled the 1932 mass trespass of Kinder Scout in Derbyshire, and ordered his supporters to ‘take back control of the countryside’ with a mass trespass.

Here is part of his speech:

Thanks to ethical_carnivore on Instagram for the video.

Speakers at the ‘hen harrier day’ ignored grouse moors’ good work with hen harriers. Almost all hen herriers that fledged this year fledged on grouse moors or land managed by gamekeepers.

Violent extremists have been warning for weeks that a trespass will take place. Here is a Tweet from Class War in July:

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