Antis hunt down Love Island star – Fieldsports News, 15 January 2020


Love Island contestant axed over trophy hunting snaps – The Independent
Masked antis arrested – Countryside Alliance
Swedish and English join Irish – Limerick Leader
Judge cleared of attacking hunt protestors – Daily Mail
Muntjac symposium – British Deer Society
Forestry Commission takes deer management in-house – job ads here and here
Environmentalists threaten stalking guides – local newspaper
Goatgate bleats on – Daily Record
Anti spin doctors botch video – local newspaper
Johnson hypocrisy over hunting ban – The Times and government consultation (please take part)
PETA and Packham blame meat-eaters for Australian bushfires – Facebook
Channel 4 invests in veggie burgers – Twitter

Apocalypse Cow – The Guardian
Rugby referee Nigel Owens defends farmers – Twitter

Animal sanctuary must disclose vegan funding source – Facebook
Rewilding movement’s land grab – The Independent
‘Rare’ albino pheasants make the news – Daily Post
Wolf stalks hiker and baby – Facebook

US gun sales could be tracked by credit card – local newspaper
Father and daughter hunting deaths – YouTube

Guinness World Records disallows three-mile shot – local newspaper
India bids to host Commonwealth Games 2022 shooting – press release
US mountain goat cull – USA Today
3D printed shotgun cartridges – local newspaper

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