Antis try to hit Larysa with the ‘estate rifle exemption’

Larysa Switlyk is back in the news. After posting a picture of a goat, she shot on Islay in Scotland, the presenter of American TV show Larysa Unleashed has had numerous death threats from violent antis. Now they have reported her to prosecutors under section 11a of the Firearms Act 1968, which refers to authorised lending and possession of firearms for hunting, also known as the ‘Estate Rifle Exemption’.

News of that found its way into the news media. However, she has been neither questioned nor charged.

Larysa Switlyk
Larysa Switlyk

The estate rifle exemption allows anyone over the age of 17 without a certificate to borrow a rifle from the occupier of a private premises and use it on those premises in the presence of either the occupier or the ‘occupier’s servant’. Use of the rifle under the estate rifle exemption must comply with the conditions outlined on the lender’s certificate. The term “in the presence of” is not defined and has not been tested in court. it could be within sight or hearing – it could mean that the person is simply on the same estate.

Click here for a legal opinion on the subject (a PDF) from Knight’s solicitors.

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