Fieldsports Britain – it’s a big big pig

A wild boar this size can devastate a farmer’s field. That and a love of wild boar hunting is why Charlie and a group of Brits are in Turkey. It is some of the best driven wild boar hunting in the world – and some of the biggest boar. That’s not all. In a packed programme this week, there’s the 2018 blooper reel – all the outtakes and pratfalls from a year of filming. Cai Ap Bryn is cooking up delicious pheasant parcels in Hunt & Cook. The best hunting on YouTube makes it in to this week’s Hunting YouTube. And the Fieldsports Channel guys come together with some kids of South-East Cornwall to read the ‘Never Never let your gun…’ poem – a gun safety video from 1902. All of this in #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Boar

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Kullanılan gece görüs sistemleri sadece video kaydı amaçlıdır. Genel kullanım veya hayvanları vurmak için kullanılması yasaktır.

Pheasant Parcels recipe

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Blooper reel

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