How to carry your hunting kit – Fieldtester’s guide to bags & rucksacks

What bag do you reach for when you’re going shooting? As a general rule it’s best to carry as little as possible on a long day, but it’s good to have something that makes it as easy as possible to lug your essential gear, and keeps it protected.

That might be a range bag, a game bag or, if you’re heading into the mountains after deer, the best solution could be a purpose-designed hunting rucksack that takes your rifle and all your kit, like the one in the photo above.

Here’s a selection of films where the Fieldsports Channel experts explain what they use and why.

What hunters demand from a rucksack

Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country Guns says today’s rifleshooters are looking for something that’s more than just a bag for their sandwiches – it’s an integral part of their hunting kit, that caters for rifle, ammo and equipment, and even doubles up as a shooting rest. He highlights two rucksacks that are proving very popular with stalkers – watch the video to find out which they are.

Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack

Fieldsports Channel’s Jason Doyle demonstrates the features of Jack Pyke’s dedicated Rifle Rucksack, which protects everything including your rifle, and makes carrying a breeze.

Vorn Lynx hunter’s rucksack

Army surplus rucksacks win the prize for most popular hunting rucksacks among Fieldsports Channel viewers in our most recent survey. But running a close second place was the Vorn Lynx, available from UK retailers such as Cluny Country, Scott Country, and

This purpose-designed stalking rucksack can hold up to 20 litres on the inside, and has a padded firearm compartment that will fit most shotguns and rifles, even if they’re fitted with a scope and bipod. A special feature is the patented QRR or Quick Rifle Release system.

Click here to check out the Vorn range.

Härkila Mountain Hunter rucksack

Fieldsports Channel made an entire series with Tim Pilbeam entitled Rucksack & Rifle, in which Tim goes hunting all kinds of species from Argentina to Croatia, carrying his trusty Härkila rucksack. In this episode Tim goes into detail about the rucksack’s features that make it ideal whether your hunting takes you hiking up a mountain, paddling a canoe or riding on horseback! If you haven’t time to watch the whole video, skip to 8 mins 48 secs for the rucksack.

Pack out your deer with a Tatonka

Fieldsports Channel’s Cai Ap Bryn reckons dragging out a deer is… a drag. But he’s come up with a solution. He’s using the Tatonka Load Carrier, a rucksack-type frame. You strap on the gralloched carcase, climb into the straps and set off!

Jack Pyke Maxi decoy bag

When you’re decoying pigeons there’s a lot to carry, what with hide poles, nets and the decoys themselves, whether that’s plastic pigeons or previously shot birds. Fieldsports Channel’s Andy Crow is a big fan of the Maxi decoy bag from Jack Pyke – watch the video to see him explain why.

What’s your favourite bag or rucksack for shooting or stalking, and why? Drop us a line and let us know: email James Marchington.

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