Vorn’s Lynx rucksack – review

Our Fieldtester surveys have produced some surprising results. In this case, if you want the best rucksack then you need to join the army. It’s army suruplus rucksacks that win the prize for most popular hunting rucksacks among Fieldsports Channel viewers.

The Vorn rucksack


If that’s not an option then don’t worry, we have another. Vorn’s Lynx rucksack is the second most popular hunting rucksack after army surplus. Jack Pyke and Harkila rucksacks take third and fourth places.

In our survey, John from the UK said he’s been using a Vorn Lynx for two years and would recommend it to anyone. But, he says, Vorn should “improve the hydration tube outlet”.

More suggestions for improving the Lynx come from viewer Damien from Ireland, who wants to see Vorn add a built-in harness for carrying binoculars, and Chris from the UK who asks Vorn to make the pouches bigger.

Others are nothing but positive about the Lynx rucksack. Alexander from the UK says “Well made, great design”, and another, unnamed viewer adds: “Used only on the hill – seems great.”

The bag can hold up to 20 litres on the inside, has padded weapon compartments on the outside that fit most shotguns and rifles plus scopes and bipods. The company touts its patented QRR – Quick Rifle Release – system as a selling point.


It is selling on Vorn’s site for about £300, although you’ll have to pay in euros as there is no GBP option. Graham’s of Inverness is selling it about £30 cheaper last time we checked. You casn also buy it on Amazon.

Vorn Lynx rucksack on Amazon

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