A bespoke game gun for off-the-peg money

Can you really get a custom-built game gun for off-the-shelf money? Absolutely, says Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country, laying out the Chapuis range on the gunshop counter.

This French gunmaker is now part of the Beretta group. It offers side-by-sides and over-and-unders at prices from around £2,500 up to £6,500-£7,000 – and just about every aspect of the gun can be built to your specification in as little as 3-6 months.

“In the entry level guns you can make small tweaks like auto or manual safety, single or double trigger, and of course you can choose your barrel length,” Robbie says.

“Then you go up to their Artisan range and, well, just look at that – it’s a beautiful gun,” he exclaims, stroking the stunningly figured walnut stock.

“Chapuis offer something a bit different,” he says. “You’re getting a really high quality gun, and you’re getting to make the small tweaks that you might not get to make with other brands.”

Find out more about Chapuis guns at the Cluny Country Guns website.

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