Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s treble

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With his woods overrun with muntjac and roe, Roy has a go at a deerstalking treble. It’s the last knockings of the roebuck rut and the animals are still coming to the call. Meanwhile, Ollie Williams tries out a new big game hunting experience on his doorstep in Cornwall. He goes spearfishing with Mat Coombe. And news correspondent Deborah Hadfield visits a wildfowling club that has had the horror of a wildfire on its marsh. She finds out how wildfowling clubs and lowland gamekeepers are following the lead from upland gamekeepers and taking charge of fire prevention in the countryside.  Robbie Shedden from Cluny Country rules on his favourite game guns, and we’re still giving away a BestFoxCall fox caller priced at £195. David is on the news stump and James Marchington has the top hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s another super #FieldsportsBritain


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