The magic of roebuck stalking

It’s the end of the roebuck rut – and it’s a bumper outing. Roy uses the last of the bucks’ mating drive to call them in, plus he uses the stalk to look for magical muntjac, the busy little deer of England’s southern woodlands. He is using every advantage to stalk them, because there’s going […]

A bespoke game gun for off-the-peg money

Can you really get a custom-built game gun for off-the-shelf money? Absolutely, says Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country, laying out the Chapuis range on the gunshop counter. This French gunmaker is now part of the Beretta group. It offers side-by-sides and over-and-unders at prices from around £2,500 up to £6,500-£7,000 – and just about every […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s treble With his woods overrun with muntjac and roe, Roy has a go at a deerstalking treble. It’s the last knockings of the roebuck rut and the animals are still coming to the call. Meanwhile, Ollie Williams tries out a new big game hunting experience on his doorstep in Cornwall. He goes spearfishing with Mat […]

RSPB’s new attack on gameshooting – Fieldsports News, 17 August 2022 Here are the links: RSPB ignores evidence on gamebird releasing – BASC Secrets of merlins revealed in NGO film – YouTube Study links broken hips with vegetarian diet – BBC Namibia threatens to quit CITES over trophy hunting ban – Namibia Brief Conservation expert Amy Dickman backs trophy hunting – The Conversation IFAW sends […]


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