Best Break-Barrel Airguns 2020

This is the Fieldtester survey where we asked you to tell us about your kit back in the spring of 2020, and boy did you respond. 3,500 completed surveys came back to us, 10% of which are about PCPs, 10% of you told us about your airgun pellets, only 5% are about spring-loaded air rifles, which is why springers didn’t make it into our PCP survey.

So, when it comes to break-barrels, who are your favourites? This is the big prize: the Fieldsports Channel viewers’ most popular springer airgun – BSA has 16% of the market of Fieldsports Channel viewers with Weihrauch just ahead on 18%.


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And which springer airgun are you most likely to own? Top models are, in third place, the BSA Lightning, in second the BSA Meteor and first place goes to the Weihrauch HW35.

It’s a double win for Weihrauch, which took the top slot, too, for most popular PCP airgun with the HW100. Click here for the results of our  best PCP survey.

Winner: the Weihrauch HW35, with BSAs in second and third places


Here’s Johnny Muston from gunshop R&K Stockcraft explaining what he thinks is – pound for pound – the best springer air rifle on the market. Johnny chooses the rifle that is the most accurate for under £300.


If you buy airgun pellets, there’s nearly a half chance they are either Air Arms or JSBs. Air Arms is the winner with 28% of the market and JSB has 20%. If you shoot an Air Arms pellet, it is probably the Diabolo Field. If you shoot JSB, it is more than likely from JSB’s Exact range.

Airgun pellet winners


Now, we also asked questions about value for money, and winning pellet there is the Crosman Accupell. The prize for accuracy goes to the Crosman Premier, according to its users. And, all you pest controllers out there, the most highly-rated for killability is the H&N Baracuda.

Value for money, accuracy and killability


We asked you to rate the manufacturers on customer service – and the springer winner here is Air Arms.

Also, here’s a quick stat about brand loyalty. For those people who own both a break-barrel and a PCP, guess which company has the biggest brand loyalty. The answer is BSA. 43% of BSA break-barrel owners who also own a PCP, own a BSA PCP.

Finally, what calibre do you shoot? Well you can forget anything that isn’t .177 or .22 because 95% of the market is. 7% of you shoot both the popular calibres. 30% of you shoot .177 and twice as many, nearly 60%, shoot .22.

.22 or .177? Here are the results


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