Bolt-Action Rifles: the Last 100 Years

Charlie Jacoby is off with his son and two cousins – all of them descendants of World War I sniper Major Hesketh-Prichard – to find out about the rifles used in the trenches. WMS Firearms gives them a ‘historic firearms’ day that tracks the story of the bolt-action rifle from before the First World War to the present day.

Rifles we use (all ‘section one’ firearms):
Mosin-Nagant K31 .762x54R 1952
Mauser M48 8x57JS date?
Lee Enfield No 4 .303 1949
(all with period bayonets)
AK47 Bulgarian-made Kalashnikov design .762×39
Steel Core Cyclone .308
Smith & Wesson 1522 semi-auto, copy of an AR15, .22LR

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