Dog run over in botched burglary

A dog has died after dog thieves ran over her.

On Monday evening (20 February 2017) at 11.30pm, a dog-thief or thieves broke into the yard of a home in Alton, Hampshire. Owner Jess Edwards reports they were driving a black Subaru, possibly with the exhaust missing.

The vehicle ran over this nine-year-old dog, Becky. They failed to steal any of the other dogs.

Jess rushed her dog to the vet, where she was put on a drip. Becky died the following morning.

The incident featured in a news report on BBC Radio Surrey.

Jess wrote on Facebook: “I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has helped with this situation. Shared, liked, commented. Let’s get these horrible people caught. Becky has passed, but is not in pain any longer and we all miss her dearly.”

A petition to make dog theft a criminal offence with custodial sentence and hefty fines. is on its way to 10,000 signatures. Click here to sign it.

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