Breda Zenith L – a game o/u with a difference

Italian gunmaker Breda has made some cracking semi-autos over the past 100 years or so. More recently they’ve turned their skills to making over-and-unders – and the Zenith is going down well with clay and game shooters alike.

This one is the game model, the Zenith L. It’s steel proofed of course, and comes with 30 or 32in fixed choke barrels chambered for 2 3/4in cartridges. “It’s designed specifically for shooting high birds,” says Andy Norris from distributors Viking Arms.

Andy Norris says the Zenith L is designed for high birds, and handles well

The barrels are bored with long forcing cones and nominal bore measurements to suit the fibre wads commonly used on British game shoots. That helps to ensure gas doesn’t escape past the wad, so pellet velocity is maintained for clean kills at range. The rib is solid, and tapers from 11 to 7mm.

The trigger is adjustable for pull weight as well as position, and is the single selective type.

“This gun shoots really well,” says Andy. “I’ve taken it round various shooting grounds and shot it with people who are far more experienced than me. Everyone’s been really impressed with the patterns, and the way it shoots and balances.”

The gun has good looking wood on the stock and fore-end, and stylish engraving

He likes the look of the gun, too. “The engraving is nice, without being too ostentatious. It’s got a lovely bit of timber on the stock, with a good non-slip recoil pad.”

“It retails around £2,700, and you’re getting a lot of gun for that money. If you want something a bit different to the everyday Silver Pigeon or what-have-you, this is for you. I really enjoy shooting it because it’s nice to be different – and I’m definitely different!” he laughs.

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