Roger Lait

Airgun Stocktastic

What can you do with your airgun stock? HFT shooter Roger Lait shows – with a little help from the folk from GRS… This item

The ABC of HFT

So what is Hunter Field Target? We join HFT shooter Roger Lait on a UKAHFT shoot in Sussex to explain the sport – and find

On Test: FX Crown

Roger Lait tries out the new FX Crown, the PCP launch that follows the FX Impact. ▶ For FX’s UK distributor, visit or go

Lighting up the bunnies

Roger Lait has his hands on more thermal spotting kit and scopes from Pulsar. Tonight he is using it to keep down the rabbit population

roger lait

Fieldsports Channel lights up Pulsar

Fieldsports Channel features products from across the shooting industry – and top brands keep coming back to showcase their latest piece of hardware off the

AR Foxshooting in Essex

The rabbits have taken over a nice garden in Essex, and the foxes aren’t far behind. Who you going to call? Roger Lait. He has

Find out more about Roger

What a mixture! Roger presents items on our airgun show AirHeads about BSA guns – and lots of other stuff too.

Bloopers 2016

Work with people like Roy, Crow and the rest, and it’s not all going to go according to plan. And it doesn’t. Here is where

HFTMasters 2016

We are at the Scottish leg of the HFTMasters 2016 season. Roger lait talks us through the action. This item is supported by BSA. For

Airgun parallax set-up

Parallax – don’t be frightened of it! In the lates in his series ‘The ABC of HFT’, Roger Lait is showing how to set up

ABC of HFT:  How to do a Stander

ABC of HFT: How to do a Stander

Roger Lait shows how he trains for those tricky standing shots. It’s all about steadiness and he has a technique that will give you pinpoint

HFT – what does it cost?

HFT – what does it cost?

Hunter Field Target is well known for not being a costly sport. But how much is not costly? In the final part of his series

HFT Masters – the First Competition

HFT Masters – the First Competition

It’s the first ever HFT Masters air rifle competition. Held at Lea Valley Shooting ground near Hertford, the event attracted world champions and novices alike

On Test: BSA Gold star SE

On Test: BSA Gold star SE

Top HFT shooter Roger Lait puts his Gold Star SE through its paces at Pete’s Airgun Farm in Essex. The new air rifle made in

Hunting HFT style

All those HFT skills you learn – how good are they when out hunting? BSA-sponsored UKAHFT shooter Roger Lait takes his new competition airgun out


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