The rabbits have taken over a nice garden in Essex, and the foxes aren’t far behind. Who you going to call? Roger Lait. He has an AR-style rifle in .223 and the new Pulsar N970 LRF night vision scope.

We know Roger Lait best for his air-gunning exploits, you can normally see him on the channel carrying his flashy BSA air rifle to his beloved HFT competitions.  But, this time we see him with a different flashy rifle, his foxing rifle.

Roger is taking up the role of our ‘prince of darkness’, testing out the latest in thermal and night vision from Pulsar, provided by its UK distributor Thomas Jacks. The scope he is focusing on in this week’s episode is the Pulsar N970 LRF and it does look at home on his AR style .223 straight pull. Roger describes it as his “cracking little foxing tool.”

roger lait
Roger zeroing the Pulsar N970 LRF

Roger has been filming with FieldsportsTV for a long time and knows the pitfalls of filming out in the countryside. He says: “I think it’s great filming with Fieldsports, I enjoy it immensely. It’s all good assuming the kit works but if it breaks, it’s always just before the camera starts rolling without fail. It can leave you stood there with a blank expression and nowhere to go.”

Luckily, this time everything is in working order.Alex Howell is doing the filming. “I think it works well with Alex as we share a similar sense of humour which helps when I muck up lines and he just takes the mickey out of me,” says Roger. “I think he gets some amazing shots and makes it look the business.

“As for using Thomas Jacks equipment, I can’t tell you how much I love using it. Their night vision equipment is just such amazing gear and makes shooting at night a doddle.

“I am sadly the one that makes it hard. I love what I do, I love using all this amazing equipment, I am one lucky bloke and I would not change it for the world.”

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