Fieldsports Channel lights up Pulsar

Fieldsports Channel features products from across the shooting industry – and top brands keep coming back to showcase their latest piece of hardware off the production line on our YouTube channel.

Pulsar N970 LRF
The Pulsar N970 LRF on an AR-style rifle

One of the latest collaborations is with Thomas Jacks, the UK’s distributor of Pulsar night-vision and thermal gear. It is essential kit for rabbit and foxshooters.

Not only is the technology used by many of Fieldsports regulars but the chance to show off new and innovative products to the channel’s 130,000+ subscribers is too much of a marketing chance to turn down.

Creating and raising brand awareness is the goal. Lee Adams looks after the marketing at Thomas Jacks. He says: “We want to establish Pulsar as the go-to brand for night vision and thermal. We chose Fieldsports TV because of their audience, viewing stats and sales director James Westbrook’s persistence. Although, they viewers are not our direct customers [Thomas Jacks is a trade distributor], they are the ‘target’ market for Pulsar. Also, Fieldsports gets products across in an entertaining manner.

The immediate increase in figures is not what is driving this partnership. “It is too early to tell what Pulsar is getting from working with Fieldsports TV,” says Lee, “as there has only been one or two pieces aired. It is also very difficult for us to tell if there is an increase in sales of the products for two reasons; firstly, we’re a trade only distributor so we can’t directly correlate link clinks with sales and secondly many of our best-selling products are back ordered and are in limited supply.”

If you would like to work with FieldsportsTV, showcase a product or have an interesting news story that will grab the industries attention, contact:

To view the latest piece featuring Pulsar’s newest night vision scope, watch Fieldsports Britain, episode 406.

For more about Pulsar, talk to Thomas Jacks

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