Roy Lupton

Massive Swedish Goose Hunt

Roy is in Sweden in the capable hands of one of the country’s top goose guiding outfits. It’s a couple of huge goose shooting days

Airgun Rat Action

Airgun Rat Action

Roy Lupton and Darren Rogers get together to sort out Roy’s rat problem. Roy provides the large camo erection (oh yes), and Darren the latest


Roy’s Talon Knife from Emberleaf

Falconer Roy Lupton wants to commemorate one of his favourite birds. He does it by commissioning Emberleaf Knives to create one of their masterpieces, using

Going deaf from shooting?

It’s Roy’s warning to young hunters. Shooting has had a terrible effect on his hearing. Here’s what he is doing about it. ▶ To get

How to inseminate a goshawk

How to inseminate a goshawk

He wants the best bred goshawks in the world. So here’s how falconer Roy Lupton sets about impregnating his female goshawks. This film first appeared

How to raise falcon chicks

Roy’s falcon chicks are hatched and growing – and behaving just like velociraptors. He tours the raptor maternity ward and shows how to bring on

Spring Foxshooting

Roy Lupton is hunting the foxes that are feeding off lambs in his part of Kent. The farms he looks after are under extra pressure

Roy’s Rubber Hat Collection

Roy keeps lots of rubber hats. Why? Because he uses them to collect sperm from his tiercels. Well, you wanted to know. He talks us

On Test: Fox ammo on deer

  Roy Lupton is out in the South of England, testing lead-free ammunition on a fallow buck. Then Roy cuts open the animal to see

#Eaglecam 2

Ride on the back of an eagle as it catches mountain hares in Scotland. We mount a tiny camera on the back of Roy Lupton’s

Bloopers 2017

Bloopers 2017

Here are the highs, the lows and the even lowers of making a weekly show about hunting and shooting during 2017. We’re already looking forward

Roy calls a fox and a buck

Roy calls a fox and a buck

With the fallow buck rut taking place haphazardly across Roy’s ground, it’s a challenge to call a buck. Roy Lupton has a morning’s stalking, and

Hampshire Macnab

Every area has its own Macnab. In Hampshire, says Keith and Gavin from local sporting agent Glorious Game, it’s a roebuck, a partridge and a

Foxshooting in August

Roy Lupton is out after foxes in August. With the harvest just over, he wants to call in the foxes that have recently been disguised

Calling and shooting bucks

Using a buttolo call, Roy Lupton gets an amazing reaction from roe deer on his ground. It is the start of the roe rut and

Shooting Foxes with Thermal

Roy’s out for an evening on the foxes. It’s his first evening out for a while, as his birds have been keeping him at home

Roy’s daylight fox

Foxes are after lambs and baby deer in England at this time of year – and Roy is after foxes. This time he is calling

#Eaglecam 1

Roy is up the Scottish hills with two golden eagles to help bring down mountain hare numbers – and to try out the #eaglecam he

How to Reload Your Own Ammunition

Expert deerstalker Roy Lupton shows the kit and the techniques you need to reload your own rifle ammunition, from start to finish. For more info

Bloopers 2016

Work with people like Roy, Crow and the rest, and it’s not all going to go according to plan. And it doesn’t. Here is where

Training Eagles to Catch Prey

If you think a golden eagle is big, wait until you see an African crowned eagle. Roy Lupton’s friend Sang from South Korea has one

Medical packs for hunters

Are you equipped to deal with a bullet or knife wound in the field? Many hunters do not prepare for the worst case scenario even

How to Call in Fallow Deer

You clatter antlers together – that’s how. Roy Lupton shows the secrets of fallow buck calling during the fallow rut, and brings the deer in

How the Aimpoint Sight Works

Roy Lupton goes to Sweden to find out about the Aimpoint rifle site, how it is the choice of both boar shooters and Norman Schwarzkopf’s

How to call in roebuck

How to call in roebuck

John Tobin has animal magnetism. A lot of it may be to do with the instrument tucked in his pocket – but it’s what he

Roy Calls in the Bucks

Roy Calls in the Bucks

It’s a long hot afternoon after roebucks. Roy is calling them in, looking for the right cull animal to shoot. He discusses technique, both for

Roys Marshland Foxes

Roys Marshland Foxes

Grey partridges are thriving on this area of marshland in Kent, but only because Roy Lupton is controlling the foxes. The job tonight is clearing

Battle of wits: Roy vs Foxes

Battle of wits: Roy vs Foxes

Roy Lupton is out with the Drone Pro 10 night vision, employing all tactics he can to shoot several lamp-shy foxes. For more about the

Roy Lupton’s Rat-ino Royale

Roy Lupton’s Rat-ino Royale

Armed with NiteSite and FX Royale, Roy Lupton is out after rats. It’s all about night-vision. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 52. To watch

Roy’s on the Roe Does

Roy’s on the Roe Does

Roy Lupton is hunting roe does. At this time of year, the cull gets easier because they congregate on the few areas where the crops


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