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Fallow buck shot with copper

What reaction does Tim Pilbeam get when he shoots deer with non-toxic rounds? Today, he is out after one of the 350 deer he and

Biggest-selling semi-auto shotguns

Semi-auto shotguns have a lot going for them. They offer great value, along with smooth shooting and minimal recoil. A semi-auto is great for wildfowling

Why do shotgun barrels wear out?

It’s a surprisingly common problem for shotgun shooters. They look down the barrels and see wear and pitting, and assume they have worn the barrels

Competition companies give away guns

Competition companies are moving into hunting and shooting. The industry that raffles cars at airports has expanded during the coronavirus lockdown into selling tickets to

Will a cheap riflescope work?

youtu.be/3H9ZYG1fxbY Just because a riflescope is expensive, does it work better? Dan Pool from Braces of Bristol says he can’t see a difference in optics

Airgun pellet gel test

youtu.be/yF7oJwvzfac How good are these pellets at killing?– H&N Baracuda Green– Webley Velocipell– Webley Mosquito Express– Webley VMX PellAirgun expert Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft


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