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How to use a ballistic turret

Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol explains how a ballistic turret on your scope can help you take quick, accurate shots in the field, whatever

Why foxshooter Doug shoots a Tikka T3X Lite

youtu.be/WMyNejO_u-c Foxshooter Doug Pocklington loves his .243 Tikka T3X Lite rifle. “They’re a good all-rounder,” he says. “They’re reasonably priced, accurate and reliable.” Doug says

Jack Pyke Hybrid Jacket – review

youtu.be/ACGvk1SRLhc The Jack Pyke Hybrid Jacket is a lightweight quilted jacket that’s ideal for general use outdoors, either as part of a layering system or

Jack Pyke Hunter’s Boots – review

youtu.be/UCmqafPmj1Y Farmer and pigeonshooter Andy Crow loves his Jack Pyke boots. “I wear them every day of the year,” he says. “They’re so comfortable, I’d

Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack – review

youtu.be/ku-u6kY9YOQ The Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack is purpose-designed for the stalker who wants a simple, practical way to carry everything you need for a day’s

Härkila Heat thermal waistcoat

The Heat waistcoat from Härkila is like carrying your own personal woodburning stove, says Simon Esnouf from Härkila’s UK distributors. “It’s very welcome when you’re

Rizzini BR460 EL Sporter

youtu.be/VkPLBvGxBgY The BR460 EL Sporter is a serious claybusting gun, but also exquisitely made, with woodwork and engraving that lifts it above the run-of-the-mill competition

How to bore-sight your rifle

youtu.be/RMXUegkZlCA Introducing a new series of expert tips with Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol. In this first of the series, Josh explains how to

Harkila Retrieve jacket and trousers

youtu.be/oZwDbBSEvrM Professional gundog trainer Jason Mayhew is out in all weathers, so his number one requirement for clothing is it has to be waterproof. He’s

Close-quarters sika stags

How do you whistle in a sika stag? It’s the sika rut in North-West Scotland. Deer manager John Dodd takes two guests out to stalk

Gerber hatchets and axes

youtu.be/btJSKcM4IRM Gamekeeper and deer manager Paul Childerley finds a small axe or hatchet invaluable for everyday tasks like chopping kindling, felling small trees and even


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