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A day in the life of a deer manager

youtu.be/-T_A5WyO1gk Shooting deer is hard work. Paul Childerley has his work cut out thinning the various deer species on his ground in Bedfordshire. Paul is

Savage B17 rimfire – review

Why buy a Savage B17? Half of the Fieldsports Channel audience (who own a rimfire) own the Czech-made CZ/Brno rimfires – check out our rimfire

Best airgun pellet 2020

This is the Fieldtester survey where we asked you to tell us about your kit back in the spring of 2020, and you responded: 3,500

Vegan tries deerstalking

  Katie Hargreaves goes deerstalking with Paul Childerley. What’s unusual is that Katie is a vegan. She sees sustainable hunting as part of her veganism.

Fabulous duck flighting at dusk

  Gamekeeper Paul Childerley goes duck shooting. There’s a pond on his shoot in Bedfordshire that’s away from the main duck ponds, and it is

Roe doe double

  Ollie Williams has a target to meet: two-thirds roe does to one-third tree bucks. It’s the doe season and he is out on the

Zoli XL-Evo shotgun – review

  Rob Dunlea-Jones from Edgar Brothers shows us his customised XL-Evo Shotgun from Italian gunmaker Zoli. A lefty, Rob had his stock fitted for him

Savage B22 – review

  The Savage B22 Precision is the affordable match rimfire rifle for .22LR competitions. It will perform on the range, you can use it for

Vorn’s Lynx rucksack – review

Our Fieldtester surveys have produced some surprising results. In this case, if you want the best rucksack then you need to join the army. It’s

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