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Epic goose shooting

It is one of the most exciting goose hunts in the world. Sweden has a massive goose pest problem, and Wayne Martin from the UK,

How to use a ballistic turret

Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol explains how a ballistic turret on your scope can help you take quick, accurate shots in the field, whatever

Why foxshooter Doug shoots a Tikka T3X Lite

youtu.be/WMyNejO_u-c Foxshooter Doug Pocklington loves his .243 Tikka T3X Lite rifle. “They’re a good all-rounder,” he says. “They’re reasonably priced, accurate and reliable.” Doug says

Jack Pyke Hybrid Jacket – review

youtu.be/ACGvk1SRLhc The Jack Pyke Hybrid Jacket is a lightweight quilted jacket that’s ideal for general use outdoors, either as part of a layering system or

Jack Pyke Hunter’s Boots – review

youtu.be/UCmqafPmj1Y Farmer and pigeonshooter Andy Crow loves his Jack Pyke boots. “I wear them every day of the year,” he says. “They’re so comfortable, I’d

Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack – review

youtu.be/ku-u6kY9YOQ The Jack Pyke Rifle Rucksack is purpose-designed for the stalker who wants a simple, practical way to carry everything you need for a day’s


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