Everyone has an opinion about their knife – not always good. Fieldsports Channel viewers are often critical of their own blades. Perhaps the perfect knife is yet to be made.

Lockdown saw you the Fieldsports Channel viewers filling out our survey: 3,500 responses of which 528 were on the subject of knives.

The most popular knife makers are, in third place, the cheap French classic Opinel. Second place goes to Buck Knives from Idaho, USA. And the most popular knifemaker, with 14% of the market of Fieldsports Channel viewers, from Sweden, is Mora.

Mora wins, Buck second an Opinel third


It’s worth adding that a significant number of you have custom made and even homemade knives. Keeping to the brands, which are the most popular knife models?

In third place, with 3% of the market, is the UK knifemaker that captured the imagination of many of you with its unusual handles – it’s the Emberleaf Cael.

Second place goes to the Mora Companion. And the winner, with 7% of the UK market all by itself is, from Sweden, the EKA Swingblade.

EKA Swingblade.wins, second place to the Mora Companion, and third goes to Emberleaf Cael


We asked you to give star ratings for what makes a great hunting knife.

Does it hold an edge? we asked. You rate the best edge on knives by Benchmade from Oregon in the USA.

What about ergonomics? That is, how easy is it to use? Casstrom from Swedish Lapland wins this one.

Who makes the prettiest knives? For looks, you give the award to another knife maker founded in Oregon USA, Kershaw. You also vote Kershaw the winner for portability – Kershaw knives are the easiest to carry. And value for money? It’s Kershaw again, just ahead of Opinel.

Star ratins go to Castrom, Bnchmade and Kershaw


In 2020, two countries dominate the world of hunting knives: the USA and Sweden. And we hunters know our knives.

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