Crows and magpies

Pig farm corvid epidemic

Helen Tinner is out with Nick Elsdon from Anglia Sporting, on a pig farm with a massive corvid problem. Nick does his best to put

Red dot shotgun sight on crows

George Lawrence, a young dairy farmer from Essex, is having trouble with crows, rooks and jackdaws making a mess and eating the cattle feed. Now

High flying crow shoot on Exmoor

  It’s Exmoor high-bird shooting but without the expense. Matt Turley and Nigel White are decoying corvids and pigeons on the edge off one of

Corvid Patrol

  Fieldsports Nation member Alex Sorisi so liked the look of Matt Turley’s crow shooting set-up, he asked if he and his sister would have

How to make a crow decoy

Do you have old, out-of-shape pigeon decoys? Do you have anything even vaguely crow-shaped you can use instead? You can use it to make your

Crow shoot: 180-bird day

  Matt Turley and Nigel White know how to put on a good day. It’s 100-200 birds and it only costs £20 for the day.

The Bird Table of Doom 2

Fieldsports Channel shareholder and member Nigel Appleton has got a problem. Corvids (jays, jackdaws and others) are killing the songbird chicks in his garden. Plus

Crow’s back on the jackdaws

After the general licences debacle, it’s time for Crow to get back to day-to-day pest control on the farm. Today, he has jackdaws on the

Hooded up for hoodie shooting

Hooded crows (grey crows in Ireland) are coming into a farmer’s shed and stealing cattle feed – but they are wily. In the latest of

Crow shoot

Paul Childerley becomes ‘The Childernator’. The working gamekeeper is protecting his cover crops from corvids and even doing good work as a goose scarer. Plus

Crowhow: how to decoy crows

Crows are hitting the newly-drilled barley. So, Andy Crow is out to hit the Crows. He shows how he decoys these wily birds and how

Corvid Control

Corvid Control

Jackdaws are damaging the crops and farm manager Andy Crow is going to do something about them. He packs his pigeon-shooting kit – with a

Winser on Corvids

Winser on Corvids

It’s a big day shooting corvids with Mark Winser and Andy Crow. They take one end of the cattle farm each. This film was first

Carrie on Crows

Carrie on Crows

Rachel Carrie and Mark Winser join Andy Crow for a day on the corvids. It’s pest control a-go-go as Rachel fields her new secret weapon,

Shooting Crows with Airguns

Jamie Chandler is out after corvids and pigeons, pest controlling on a Hampshire farm. It’s not a big bag day, but he is big on

Rook shooting

Rook shooting

Paul Childerley and Darren Rodgers are rook shooting. It’s the time of year when the young branchers are traditionally shot to make rook pie. This

Decoying crows with a fox

Pest control has its magic tricks. When it comes to reducing corvid numbers, Roy Lupton has a trick up his sleeve for attracting the attention

Kristoffer Clausen eats a fox

The Norwegian film maker and survival expert is in the UK to meet game chef Mark Gilchrist who has promised him some new hunting experiences.


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