Matt Turley and Nigel White know how to put on a good day. It’s 100-200 birds and it only costs £20 for the day. Matt looks after corvid control at a pig farm outside Taunton in Somerset. The pig nuts are popular with the birds, so you can shoot as often as you like – they still come in.

To go crow shooting with Matt, email

Matt’s gun is a Remington Model 11-87 FAC semi-auto


Nigel’s gun is a Beretta A400 Xcel semi-auto


Matt uses Gamebore Super Steel 32g 5-shot cartridges and Nigel uses Gamebore Clear Pigeon 30g 6-shot cartridges


The Flapper is the FF5 by


Here’s Matt putting it up


Cradles are by Jack Pyke. Here is the new style


Decoys are by Jack Pyke. Click here for the new flocked decoys


Hide netting is by Jack Pyke. Click here for the Jack Pyke range


The Whirly is by A1 Decoys


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