Armed antis step up war on hunting

Update: the Government briefed the Daily Telegraph that its new anti-trespass law will crack down on antis like the ones shown in this film.  The Telegraph says the government took action following our film

Imagine being confronted by the antis shown in this film. How can the authorities ignore it? How can the police turn the other cheek? They used to do that with domestic violence, but things change and so must this.

One rider has received more than just personal insults and intimidation. Sharon says in the past few years there’s been a change in attitude, a new confidence, a new assurance in the Sab community, and more money. It’s escalating so fast she reckons the next political death won’t be about Brexit or Islam, it will be about hunting.

One of Sharon's sabs, trying to intimidate her

Sharon is the person behind the camera in our film. Meet angry antis Sid Thomas, Amy Jones and Paul Allman. Allman is a convicted criminal who enjoys dressing in black, masking up and waving what looks like a martial arts weapon in front of a 12-year-old rider’s pony. Does he know who slashed Sharon’s tyres? Who poured paint stripper over her car, writing it off?

Sharon doesn’t blame the police, she blames the law. In France this behaviour is now illegal. A new measure passed on 11 April 2019 by the French Senate says that hindering or preventing a hunting party now leads to one year in prison and a 30,000 euro fine. Before this law, police issued tickets to offenders.

Sabs in UK are supported and endorsed. A prospective parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury wears the Cheshire monitors T-shirt. With the local Tory MP moving to the Libdems, there’s a real chance Terry Savage will be the new Labour MP. He backs criminals who frighten, intimidate and harass women and children.

Sharon is determined to continue riding and trail hunting regardless of the threat to herself and her property, but she can’t understand why behaviour like this all across the country goes unpunished. And it’s spreading to farms and to shoots. These are two of this summer’s grouseshoots following the campaigns against grouseshooting by BBC presenters and MPs with extreme views about animal rights.

Antis are also threatening local businesses that work with other business that include hunt supporters. This letter from Cheshire Hunt Monitors went to a veterinary surgery that is using a builder which has a director who also supports the Cheshire Hunt. The antis threaten to smear the vets on social media.

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