Countryfile’s ‘race hate’ charge against country people – Fieldsports News, 1 July 2020


Here are the links:

BBC Countryfile accuses countryside of racism – Fieldsports News
British venison survey from the NGO – click here
Media attacks on UK gamekeepers spread – Scottish Mail on Sunday
RSPB under fire for Orkney traps practice – Facebook
UK government accused of backtracking on badger culls – anti badger cull website
Hunts from all over the world flock to join virtual show –
Cops confiscate car after anglers catch carp – Facebook
Shooters now need ‘medical declarations’ in Wales – BASC
Olight donates PPE to NHS and now to you – email
Europeans push anti-hunting agenda on France – BirdGuides
Rhino meat could hit South Africa’s dinner tables – South African newspaper
TikToker arrested after fishy social media challenge – TikTok

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