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It’s our Fieldtester binoculars survey. We sent out the survey during coronavirus lockdown and got more than 3,500 responses. Of these, we had over 600 responses to our binoculars survey.

And the results? You certainly spend money on optics. Around half of you own one of the three most expensive brands: Zeiss, Swarovski, or Leica – the blue, the green and the red. Here are the winners:

Swarovski is the winner with 22% of the Fieldsports Channel market. Zeiss is next at 16% and Leica has 12%. Of the cheaper brands, Vortex just pips Bushnell.


Now what do you use your binos for?

83% of you take them deerstalking, fox shooting is next at 64%, you enjoy target shooting, wild boar hunting, and other overseas big game hunting, and nearly a quarter of you are birdwatchers.



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Here are the prizes for your favourite model. We asked you to give us star rating for your binos. And these are the winners:

Ease of use: the Zeiss Victory.
Waterproofing: the Vortex Viper.
Durability: the Swarovski E.L
Reliability: again, the Vortex Viper.
Best customer service: Leupold


Now the big one. Your favourite binos, in three categories.

Winner in the under-£500 category: Vortex Diamondback is the most popular, with Zeiss Terra in second and Nikon Monarch in third

Winner in the £500-£1,500 category: it’s a dead heat between the Swarovski SLC and the Zeiss Conquest, with the Leica Trinovid in third place

And there are three contenders for the over £1,500 category: in third place, the Zeiss Victory series does well. Second place goes to the Leica Geovid. The winner – and the overall winner of all categories – is the Swarovski EL


There’s a ton more information about binos and you can find it on the <a href=””>Fieldtester</a> pages of our website.

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