Instagram star Dan Thor is a regular beater on the Brent Pelham shoot in Hertfordshire, but today he swaps his beating stick for his trusty Miroku, stoked up with Lyalvale Express steel cartridges, for a day on the peg. It’s a memorial day for his partner Shannon’s grandfather, and she is shooting too. Dan hasn’t drawn the best number, and after a thrilling first drive he’s out of the action. Meanwhile Shannon is in the hot seat, and buzzing after shooting four partridges for four shots – but how will Dan react to her success?

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Dan Thor shoots at Fred the Gamekeeper’s

Instagram star Dan Thor has been invited to a lovely driven partridge and pheasant day by his friend Fred the Gamekeeper. He’s decided to leave his usual Miroku in the cabinet today, and he’s shooting an old favourite Browning 525.

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