Shooting farmyard feral pigeons with an air rifle

Instagram star Dan Thor goes back to his roots, shooting feral pigeons around the farmyard with an air rifle. The gun is a step up from his old break-barrel Weihrauch – it’s a fancy new Air Arms S510 fitted with a Hawke scope. The birds are proving tricky, and it’s difficult to see them clearly inside the barns, but with a bit of help from James’s drone Dan manages a decent bag, learns a few lessons along the way, and rediscovers the joy of pottering around the farmyard with an airgun just as his father did years ago.

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Dan wears Jack Pyke clothing.

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Dan Thor shoots at Fred the Gamekeeper’s

Instagram star Dan Thor has been invited to a lovely driven partridge and pheasant day by his friend Fred the Gamekeeper. He’s decided to leave his usual Miroku in the cabinet today, and he’s shooting an old favourite Browning 525.

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