Wild boar

Hunting monster boar in Scotland

youtu.be/RTnNVc-aTdQ Wild boar are rampaging across northern Scotland, ripping up turf, destroying nests and eggs, even killing lambs. We’re out at night trying to outwit

Hunting British wild boar

Cai Ap Bryn takes part in a boar cull in Gloucestershire that has him waiting out in freezing temperatures but with high reward. It’s all

Wild Boar Island

Roy Lupton is on a major wild boar cull in marshes off a Swedish island where wild boar have reached plague proportions. He is there

Giant Turkish Wild Boar Hunt

Boar in Turkey are truly enormous and cause colossal damage to crops including rice. The locals don’t hunt them – boar meat is ‘haram’ (forbidden)

YouTubers go Wild Boar Hunting

Lots of well-known hunting YouTubers get together in a German forest for a driven hunt. Paul Childerley is here for Fieldsports Channel, Kristoffer Clausen has

Speedy French wild boar

For years, Jason Doyle has been looking for good-value, good-quality driven boarshooting in Europe. He reckons he has found it at Keiler.fr This item appears

Big French Boar

How to get close to the big wild boar of the Sologne region of France? Tim Pilbeam has packed his rucksack and rifle, and is

Wild boar driven hunt

Wild boar driven hunt

Standby for fast-action boar hunting as the world’s sporting journalists convene at Laubach Castle for the annual Zeiss Media Hunt. Paul Childerley is there from

Hunting speedy wild boar in Corsica

Hunting speedy wild boar in Corsica

Hunting on tap in a holiday resort? Charlie Jacoby goes to the Mediterranean Island of Corsica to visit an estate that’s alive with pheasant, partridge

Boar Hunting in the Sologne

Boar Hunting in the Sologne

Tim Pilbeam stalks wild boar in the Sologne, one of the great hunting regions of France. He is out with JP Bourgneuf and Désirée Lantz.

Running Boar Hunt

Here’s hunting so-fast-so-furious: Tim Pilbeam is chasing down wild boar on horseback in Argentina, where they lassoo them and shoot them. He calls it the

Hunting the boar that hunt sheep

Tim Pilbeam is in Argentina after lamb-killers. But these are not foxes or coyotes. These are wild boar. The pigs released in South America have

Spanish Mouflon Hunting

Tim heads into the hills behind the Costa del Sol to go mouflon and wild boar hunting. It’s a great way to end a hard

Elkhound at Work

The Swedish work their elkhounds on a variety of big game. Tim Pilbeam is out to shoot wild boar flushed by an elkhound in Sweden.

Charlie’s Driven Hunt 360

We’ve gone 360! Immerse yourself in a driven big game hunt in Germany. Join Charlie in the stand for the highs and lows of a

Fast Action Wild Boar

It is driven hunting at its finest. Paul Childerley is on the Zeiss Media Hunt on the Laubach estate in Hesse, Germany. he tries out

Wild Boar Shoot Training

  Tim Pilbeam is learning about charging boar, running boar and high seat boar. In his new outing in the Rucksack & Rifle series, he

How the Aimpoint Sight Works

Roy Lupton goes to Sweden to find out about the Aimpoint rifle site, how it is the choice of both boar shooters and Norman Schwarzkopf’s

How to Hunt Boar

Tim Pilbeam is out after boar in Sweden. Find out how he uses dogs to bring them down. For more about Mamima Jakt, go to

Feral Pig Cull

A Benjamin Marauder fited with Nitesite night vision does the business for Terry Tate Texas. The hog goes straight down. For more about the night

Wild boar stew recipe

Top game cook Cai ap Bryn is in Hungary to track down a superb recipe for wild boar stew. Find out how he cooks it

Hunting Boar with a Crossbow

Crossbows just might save hunting in the USA. That’s what Larry Large of Hunting East Texas says. We are out with Larry and his friend

Paul Childerley Hunts Germany

Paul Childerley Hunts Germany

Paul Childerley gets to use the latest kit from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics and Blaser Rifles on a driven hunt in Germany. Find out how

Wild Boar Management

Wild Boar Management

Cai Ap Bryn is in the hunting paradise that is Hungary, finding out how to manage wild boar and mouflon. It is the latest in

Hunting in Israel

Hunting in Israel

Do they hunt in Israel? Charlie Jacoby goes to Tel Aviv to find out… According to the Palestinians, Israelis in the West Bank release pigs

UK Hog Hunting

UK Hog Hunting

What is the future for British wild boar? Should we see them as a countryside asset or shoot the lot? We look at the boar

Can you kill a pig with an arrow?

Can you kill a pig with an arrow?

It’s the bow slow motion penetration test. Roy Lupton is a keen bowhunter – but he wants to know what bow/arrow combination does the necessary

Driven Wild Boar

It’s boar hunting on a budget. Will Roy finally connect with the big pig that has eluded him for years? He takes both bow and

Boar Bow Practice

Boar Bow Practice

Roy Lupton is about to go bowhunting in France. Time to get some practice in. He offers his top bowhunting practice tips. This film was


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