10,000 steel eco shells vs new shotgun

youtu.be/BIZPLf4S2ZI How damaging is steel to a new shotgun barrel? We put 10,000 steel shells (Eley-Hawk Eco Wad) through a Yildiz Steel Sporter 12-bore at Orston Shooting Ground, then ask a gunsmith to check out the barrels afterwards. Visit Yildiz UK importer Raytrade here Click here for the Eley Eco Wad, visit Thanks to Orston […]

Budget binoculars vs secondhand Swaros and Zeiss

youtu.be/alyXKAQYJ_g Looking for sub £1,000 binos? The choice is between secondhand good-quality brands such as Zeiss, Swarovski and Leica, and some of the new glass coming out of China. Charlie Jacoby talks through what to look for and tests some of the available binoculars. Find secondhand binos on eBay.com – for Eyeskey, go to EyeskeyOptics.com […]

Non lead rimfire bullets – is this the end of the .22?

youtu.be/3JTfqM4Zgok What happens if they ban lead ammo for rimfires? Tim Pilbeam tests non toxic ammunition for .22 and .17HMR. While the .17HMR results are OK, the .22 results are disastrous. Does this mark the end of one of the world’s most popular calibres? Tim tries out the following rounds:Non-toxic Winchester 15.5gr,Hornady 17gr V-MAX 17HMR […]

A simple guide to rifle calibres

A simple guide to rifle calibres

  To a non-shooter, all bullets seem the same, but there are hundreds of different calibres out there. ‘Calibre’ is based on (but not always the same as) the diameter of the bullet in millimetres. Are you choosing the right calibre for your shooting? You’ll probably get different answers from everyone you ask. Sako Cartridges’ […]