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Europe’s hunting channels were quicker than the Americans to see the potential in YouTube. Perhaps that is because Europe has always found it hard to sustain specialist interest hunting channels on cable and satellite TV. Now there is a distribution platform that provides the audience of TV for a specialist magazine advertising market. The problem remains language, with some channels putting out films in different languages and others opting to have separate channels for different languages.

In the latest ranking, Fieldsports Channel (which carries out this survey with data from Socialblade and YouTube) is back in the top slot, after a year behind a Turkish channel. Fieldsports Channel also has the biggest viewcount and subscriber count among the European hunting channels, and it produced its 500th weekly show in 2019.

Fastest riser is French channel Feliew Chasse which has gone from 18th place to fourth. UK-based The Shooting Show and Russian channel Тайга моя заветная rise to second and third respectively, and Polish channel Potterek81 Hunting continues to hold fifth place.

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