Fieldsports Britain – British Wild Boar

British Wild boar are under the spotlight. We look at the Boar Essentials: do we hunt/conserve them or wipe them out? With a man dead after swerving to avoid a feral hog crossing the road, and one of the Princess Royal’s prize Gloucester old spots killed by a wild boar, the press is full of stories about human/pig interactions. We look at who is hunting them, how to hunt them and whether they have a future in the UK.

That’s not all. Andy Crow gives the highs and lows of sharing a pigeon hide with a friend and Charlie Jacoby challenges Olympic shot Abbey Burton to a new sport he has invented: Rimfire Football. There is news stump with the huntsman who spoke out against the antis, and Hunting YouTube has a crop of birds, boar and black sheep.

Here are the links to the items:

✩ Wild Boar

✩ News Stump

✩ Rimfire Football

✩ Hide Safety

✩ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube –
Ryan Darby
Freddy Weller
Keith Warren
Wild Jaeger
Jarrod Mclauchlan

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