Fieldsports Britain – Dodgy antis with guns + George Digweed uses night vision (episode 70)

In our Fieldsport Britain programme this week we’ve gone topsy-turvy. We’ve got antis chasing deerstalkers, rabbits chasing rabbitshooters, and crow shooters sitting very, very still or the crows won’t come near them. There’s a new film out called Blooded about antis chasing naked deerstalkers across Mull. Its trailer was so shocking YouTube banned it. It stars Prince William’s buddy, the actress Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. We talk to director Ed Boase and writer James Walker about how they handle antis with rifles. In the next item, George Digweed is back from a round-the-globe trip that’s seen him pick up another world championship (that makes 18) and a continental prize, the Pan African. Now he is after Britain’s wiliest bird: the crow. He is trying out the Idleback pigeonshooting chair in order to keep a low profile, he talks through decoying, flappers and how to shoot straight. Finally, we’re with Somerset farmer Richard Payne using N550 night vision on his .22 in order to clear a 21-acre field of rabbits that have munched their way thtrough 16 acres of rape. The advantage of the digisight is that the rabbits come running towards you.

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