Fieldsports Britain – Exploding Coke cans, foxes, airguns and big cats, episode 86

So much stuff for you this week on Fieldsports Britain: foxes, airguns, big cats and blowing up Coke cans with an extraordinary new clay pigeon trap.
* Planning to replace your old airgun? Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam shows off a great new airrifle, the Air Arms S410F, to try out on rats and rabbits.
* Roy Lupton is having a hard time shooting foxes in daylight. They’re not keen to come close to him. Will he have to resort to rabbiting instead?
* Hampshire farmer Ferris Whidborne has invented the Flurry Launcher, an incredible new clay trap that sends them faster and more frequently than ever before.
* And why it’s healthy to let your cheetah attack your zookeeper from time to time: “You can’t beat a bit of drama, a bit of blood and a bit of TV exposure,” says the cheetah’s owner Alan Ames of Eagle Heights in Kent.
So much sport for you this week – and the bird shooting season is still weeks away!

Here are the links:

SF410F Review

The flurry launcher

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