Fieldsports Britain – how to supercharge pheasants

Ever wondered what makes pheasants fly so well? Is it the dogs? The beaters? Well, gamekeepers might say it is the feed. In the first in our new series Modern Gamekeeper, gamekeeper Paul Childerley visits the Marsdens Feeds factory to find out what supercharges his birds. Staying on birds, Roy Lupton is raising several clutches of velociraptors… just kidding – he is raising goshawks and various falcons but, he says, the baby birds are just like the bad guys in Jurassic Park. News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Lush lashes out at police
Bromyard Gala says no to League Against Cruel Sports
King and Queen CQ Big Boar competition in Australia
38,000 apply four elk hunting licenses
Zambia hippo cull
Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar go duck-shooting
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