Fieldsports Britain – University of Grouse

Would you like to go to the University of Grouse? We go on a driven grouse shooting day in Cumbria put on by gamekeeping students from Newton Rigg College. The birds are flying fast, it’s a beautiful day and some of the top names in grouse shooting are trying them out.

That’s not all. We are off to Northern Ireland where Chris de Margary from Simply Red wants to win a good bottle of wine by successfully stalking a sika stag. Does he do it? Find out here.

We are at Holland & Holland Shooting Ground in Middlesex on their stalking course, learning about the importance of rifle fit.

And there is Hunting YouTube, David on the News Stump and ‘Hallo Charlie!’. It can only be Fieldsports Britain. Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy it.

Here are the links to the items:

✩ Driven Grouse

✩ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

✩ News Stump

✩ Simply Red sika

✩ Check your rifle fit

✩ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube
SmokingBarrels Outdoors
Magnum Global Media
Your Hunting Buddy
Prohuntkz Mergen
Project Alpha

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