Fieldsports Britain – Where we screwed up in 2014

We’ve got deerstalking, birdshooting and a litany of mistakes for you this week. Where everyone else is giving you their ‘best of 2014’, we have put together our ‘worst of’. Which film was most hated? Who is most annoying, James Marchington or Nigel Farage? And what are our top five death threats?
Meanwhile, David Carsten Pedersen is deerstalking in the South of England and managed to walk to 15-feet of a roebuck. And Andy Crow gives his guide to shotgun shot sizes, showing when to use 1s and when to use 6s with the help of a football. There is News, with a round-up of the Boxing Day meets, Hunting YouTube has a good crop of wild boar shooting and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ sees deer on the floor in Scotland and moose on the floor in Canada. If you have 20 minutes to put up your feet after the New Year fireworks, pop two Alka Seltzer into water and watch Fieldsports Britain!

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Here are the links to the items

Worst of 2014

News Stump

‘Hallo Charlie!’


Close up Buck

Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube
Wild Jaeger
Patrick Perkins
HogShot Hunting
Hunters Video
Jani Salmi
Rathcormac Gun Club
Kendall Jones

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