Fieldsports Britain – Zander, barbel, rats (with a digger), trout and game cookery

Zander fishing, rat shooting (you liked it so much last week we’re back with more) and why Cornwall is the must-shoot must-fish county in the UK. Dom Holtam takes us out after zander and barbel, two of coarsefishing’s best-kept secrets. Roy Lupton has put away the airguns and is moving on the rat-holes with diggers and shotguns. Those pesky rodents don’t stand a chance this time!. Plus we announce the winner of ‘Rat Attack: Britain’s Biggest Rat’. And we are in Cornwall to pick up tips from some of the best chefs in the country about how to cook game at the Cornish Food & Drink Festival, as well as taking the family trout fishing at Colliford Lake.

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